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Return policy

In terms of damaged good, MerbAK provides a replacement for that item. Request should be clamed within 30 days after estimated delivery date. In order to make a claim, costumer should describe an issue in as much details as possible and provide a picture of damaged item with clear vision of damage and order id number. Product don’t need to be returned but additional information may be requested if some details in claim are not clear. Contact email, for claims on returns is

In terms of missing order, MerbAK provide a replacement of missing item. Costumer need to write a claim to , with description of issue and provide order ID number. Some additional information may be requested in case of lack of details on issue. 

In case of damage of replacement, MerbAK provides a refund on damaged goods. For lost orders over $200 with no tracking information available, refunds will not be provided.

Reasons not considered for replacement or refund include but not limited reasons like:
Changing opinion on item costumer want
• Do not like the look of product
• Not able to pay for order
• Not satisfied with fulfillment or delivery time